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    A red blinkie that says 'Dark Greetings'. A blue blinkie that says 'Faeries rock!'. A yellow blinkie that says 'I love reading' next to a reading emoji. A blinkie that says 'gas gas gas saw' next to Billy the puppet from Saw. A white blinkie that says 'What would Gandalf do' next to a photo of Gandalf. A black blinkie that says 'Alpha Bitch' next to a woman's face wearing red eyeshadow. A blinkie that says 'Screams come true' next to Draculaura and the Monster High logo. A brown blinkie that says 'I love things from the past'. A blinkie of the Hannibal logo. A blinkie that says 'Miku fan' next to a photo of her winking.


    Hail and well met, traveller!


    This is Fairygore, my home on the web. It's so lovely to have you here! You can navigate everything Fairygore has to offer by using the directory.

    I decided to make Fairygore because I'm not the best with social media, and I wanted a private place to express myself while also learning how to code. During your travels, remember to keep in mind that this site is a constant work-in-progress, and therefore not everything will work perfectly all the time!

    With much love from me: I hope you enjoy your stay! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns; my email is, and my Tumblr is @folkdances.

    Margot! I am a 19 year old Pakistani college student from Montreal, and the mastermind behind Fairygore.

    I don't think this website is ever going to be finished — the purpose is to make a fun site that's constantly evolving to suit my likes and interests!