A figuring of Miku playing a piano guitar with a leg raised and a distracted expression.
A drawing of miku holding her mouthpiece mic.

wars are raising for her crusades to adore her the light of your afterword are you losing her true nature when you loosen nomenclature when you gift another moniker? what's true is like a sickle it'll cut you to the middle your rose is without a thorn but no, my mouth don't taste of metal from the pot here to the kettle i think we got a lot we gotta learn and even though by any other name her scent would linger sweetly, all the same call her briar long enough and you'll tangle up the true and the fable your dowry isn't fooling the pyrite is showing through it won't buy you that empty tomb and no alchemic incantation for a counterfeit salvation can appease your leviathan groom no, love'll get you slaughtered like a ram at the altar what is safe ain't the same as what is good so lay compress to the aching of your body made for breaking when we've got a lot of breaking left to do 'cause even under any other creed the crucifix and the hangman, they both agree change comes so cheaply for those of us already at the table
Miku doing a point and smiling. Hello, everyone! Welcome!

This is my music page, a place for me to showcase my very favourite albums, artists, genres, and more!

I listen to a lot of music, typically within the same genres of folk and pop. I love layered instrumentation and interesting soundscapes that incorporate different sounds and even field recordings.

I like to think that the music I listen to has shaped the person that I am today to some extent. I listen to a lot of it! It's a way for me to pass the time as well as to daydream. If you want to be friends on Spotify, my account is eskewcity! cyu!
Album: Lookaftering
Artist: Vashti Bunyan
Genre: Folk
Released: 2005
Length: 35:31

My favourite tracks on this album are: Brother, Here Before, Same But Different, Hidden, Against The Sky, and If I Were!
Album: Dear Wormwood
Artist: The Oh Hellos
Genre: Folk
Released: 2015
Length: 39:02

My favourite tracks on this album are: Pale White Horse, Thus Always to Tyrants, There Beneath, and Where Is Your Rider!
Album: HTTYD 1-3
Artist: Jown Powell
Genre: Soundtrack
Length: ~3:00:00

My favourite tracks on this album are: Forbidden Friendship, Flying With Mother, Coming Back Around, and Valka's Dragon Sanctuary!
Album: songs
Genre: Acoustic
Released: 2020
Length: 39:39

My favourite tracks on this album are: ingydar, zombie girl, and half return!
Album: Eurus
Artist: The Oh Hellos
Genre: Folk
Released: 2018
Length: 19:30

My favourite tracks on this album are: O Sleeper, Grow, and Hieroglyphs!
Album: Lost In Space
Artist: Aimee Mann
Genre: Rock
Released: 2002
Length: 43:03

My favourite tracks on this album are: Pavlov's Bell, The Moth, and Today's the Day!
Artist: Rina Sawayama
Genre: Pop
Released: 2020
Length: 43:39

My favourite tracks on this album are: Fuck This World (Interlude), Snakeskin, Who's Gonna Save U Now, and XS!
Album: Hold The Girl
Artist: Rina Sawayama
Genre: Pop
Released: 2022
Length: 46:04

My favourite tracks on this album are: Holy (Til You Let Me Go), Frankenstein, Your Age, and This Hell!
Album: Laurel Hell
Artist: Mitski
Genre: Electronic rock
Released: 2022
Length: 32:31

My favourite tracks on this album are: Working for the Knife, Stay Soft, I Guess, and The Only Heartbreaker!
Album: The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We
Artist: Mitski
Genre: Americana
Released: 2023
Length: 32:22

My favourite tracks on this album are: When Memories Snow, I'm Your Man, and The Frost!
Album: Moenie and Kitchi
Artist: Gregory and the Hawk
Genre: Acoustic
Released: 2008
Length: 33:51

My favourite tracks on this album are: August Moon, Stone Wall Stone Fence, Two Face Twin, and Oats We Sow!
Album: The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady
Artist: Charles Mingus
Genre: Jazz
Released: 1963
Length: 39:25

I love all four tracks on this album!
Album: Crash
Artist: Charli XCX
Genre: Pop
Released: 2022
Length: 33:51

My favourite tracks on this album are: Good Ones, Used to Know Me, and Constant Repeat!
Album: Public Storage
Artist: Hana Vu
Genre: Indie
Released: 2021
Length: 39:12

My favourite tracks on this album are: April Fool, Keeper, My House, and Everybody's Birthday!
Album: Feeding Seahorses by Hand
Artist: Billie Marten
Genre: Acoustic
Released: 2019
Length: 47:15

My favourite tracks on this album are: Blue Sea, Red Sea, Fish, Mice, and Cartoon People!
Album: Over the Garden Wall
Artist: The Blasting Company
Genre: Soundtrack
Released: 2017
Length: 54: 19

My favourite tracks on this album are: A Courting Song, Send Me a Peace, Like Ships, Come Wayward Souls, and Patient is the Night!
The Oh Hellos are basically my favourite band of all time and ever. I've been a fan of their music for a long, long time. Like a lot of fans, I first discovered their music through animatics of the song 'Soldier, Poet, King', but, while I'm still fond of the song, it's by far no longer my favourite.

I love The Oh Hellos for the poetry of their lyrics, as well as the skill of the music itself. I love the varied instruments they use and how the melodies they compose come together across albums while still being super distinct! I typically prefer songs where Maggie sings.
I only started listening to Rina Sawayama recently -- I'd say in about 2022. However, in that short period of time, she's become one of my favourites! The variation between her two albums is so interesting, and they're both two of my favourite albums. I love basically every song she's ever put out.

I love Rina for the sound of her music. It's all so reverberating and expansive. I remember reading once some of her songs were meant to sound like raves in abandoned warehouses, and I think she definitely succeeded at achieving that!
I don't typically listen to country music, but the slow and ambling sounds of Aimee Mann's country rock style captivate me. I remember there was a period of time in 2022 where the only song I could listen to was her 'Labrador', which I would have on repeat blasting through my earphones.

I initially discovered Aimee Mann through her work on the Steven Universe soundtrack, because I loved the show when I was a pre-teen. I'm still fond of the songs she wrote for it, but I vastly prefer her original albums, which all sound super down-to-earth (reference?)!
What to say about Mitski that hasn't already been said a thousand times already? Her lyrics are so poetic and the sound of her music is so creative and fresh.

The thing that throws me off is that often people reduce Mitski's music to being 'sad' and while this is often true, I feel it's also reductive because a lot of her music takes on a hopeful tone or talks about other things, like the specific grief and alienation that comes from being a POC. I really relate to her music in that regards, and I love listening to her at the end of long days!


♪ ROSE - The Oh Hellos


♪ APRIL FOOL - Hana Vu

♪ INGYDAR - Adrianne Lenker

♪ GOOD ONES - Charli XCX

♪ PAVLOV'S BELL - Aimee Mann



♪ CINDERELLA - Deco*27

♪ SPLIT - Willow

♪ STONE WALL STONE FENCE - Gregory and the Hawk

♪ YOUR AGE - Rina Sawayama

♪ SNAKESKIN - Rina Sawayama

♪ PALE WHITE HORSE - The Oh Hellos

♪ ZOMBIE GIRL - Adrianne Lenker


♪ IN MEMORIAM - The Oh Hellos

♪ LOSER - Gregory and the Hawk