Hi! My name is Margot, and I run this joint. It's nice to meet you!
Give me a firm handshake.That's a nice handshake you got there!
Give me a not-so-firm handshake.*Saying nothing, but giving you a look.*
I'm 19, Pakistani and Muslim, and the real-life manifestation of a haunted doll. I love nature, books, fairytales and folklore, and being the silliest. I hope to one day be an author!


My goal with making Fairygore was to create a private place that reflects my interests and aesthetics so I can have a space to express myself without the pressions of conventional social media.

My site is like an extension of myself, and I love updating pages and creating new ones as I learn more about coding - no matter how frustrated I sometimes get!

Expect to hear a lot about my many (many!) interests, all listed to the right. Additionally, you'll be hearing a lot about my novel in progress, Ceux qui domptent le Boisvert! CYU!
My most favourite books:

Piranesi, The Hobbit, We Have Always Lived in the Castle, The Raven Cycle, Sharp Objects, The Folk of the Air, Vermis, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Good Omens, the Fairyland series, and Carrie.
Favourite things:

Ace Attorney, The Raven Cycle, LotR, Lake Mungo, Welcome to Night Vale, the Mabel podcast, Revolutionary Girl Utena, I Am in Eskew, OFF, HTTYD and its soundtrack, Succession, Saw, MLP, Monster High, and The Conjuring.

I love horror, haunted houses, fairies and folklore, knights, steampunk, cyberpunk, sci-fi, webcore, and MORE! Most of all, I love to talk about my novel-in-progress, Ceux qui domptent le Boisvert, which you can read about elsewhere on this site!
Favourite music:

The Oh Hellos, Vashti Bunyan, Aimee Mann, Rina Sawayama, Hana Vu, Mitski, Leonard Cohen, The Nova Twins, Ichiko Aoba, LI YILEI, The Weepies, Sibylle Baier, Charli XCX, Billie Marten, The Blasting Company, John Powell, and Agnes Obel.

I love folk music and ambient, and enjoy deep soundscapes, drone, soft voices, field recordings, synths, and layered instrumentation.
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