Hail & Well Met, Traveler ...

My name is Margot, and I would like to cordially invite you to Fairygore, my home on the web! It's really quite nice to have you here.

You can navigate everything Fairygore has to offer by using directory to the left. As I add more pages, the sitemap will be the most accurate list the whole site while the directory acts as more of a springboard to the main pages I have to show.

I decided to make Fairygore because I'm not the best with social media, and I wanted a private place to express myself while also learning how to code! I've wanted to learn HTML/CSS for forever, and have always been inspired by the creativity of both other Neocities and custom Tumblr themes I have seen, but I've never quite felt confident enough to learn how to myself.

During your travels, remember to keep in mind that this site is a constant work-in-progress, and therefore not everything will work perfectly all the time!

With much love from me: I hope you enjoy your stay! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns; my email is eskewcity@gmail.com, and my Tumblr is @folkdances.
A red blinkie that says 'Dark Greetings'. A blue blinkie that says 'Faeries rock!'. A yellow blinkie that says 'I love reading' next to a reading emoji. A blinkie that says 'gas gas gas saw' next to Billy the puppet from Saw. A white blinkie that says 'What would Gandalf do' next to a photo of Gandalf. A black blinkie that says 'Alpha Bitch' next to a woman's face wearing red eyeshadow. A blinkie that says 'Screams come true' next to Draculaura and the Monster High logo. A brown blinkie that says 'I love things from the past'. A blinkie of the Hannibal logo. A blinkie that says 'Miku fan' next to a photo of her winking. A flashing blinkie that says 'I love my computer'. A blinkie that says 'get over yourself' next to a girl's face. A deep green blinkie that says 'hobbit fan'. An orange blinkie that says 'shivgirl' next to Shiv Roy from Succession and a knife. A blinkie that says 'boys lie'. A blinkie that says 'SCP foundation'. A blinkie that says 'shop-a-holic in hot pink. A blinkie that says 'join the dark side' next to an icon of Darth Vader. A blinkie that says 'Twilight Sparkle' next to a picture of her and her cutie mark. A blinkie that says 'Utena' next to a photo of Utena and Akio. A cream blinkie that says 'tea time' surrounded by two teacups.
A gif taken underwater showing the surface lit up from above by bright sunlight. The water is greenish-blue.
Welcome to ...

A favicon of a dandelion whose seeds are floating around its head. 2023

nov. 5

created a page to host all my writing!

oct. 28

revamped diary page.

oct. 21

updated the index bg image.

oct. 15

finished index 2.0 by adding left sidebars.

oct. 13

uploaded base version of homepage version 2.0.

oct. 11

performed minor updates on image hosting.

sept. 30

moved image hosts from discord to imagebam.

sept. 24

created shrine directory.

sept. 19

published over the garden wall shrine!

sept. 9

created portal for my story, boisvert.

sept. 2

about and diary pages now created! [edit: this version of diary is no longer available].

aug. 24

index 1.1 completed!

aug. 11

transition to homepage 1.1.

mar. 7

site created ЁЯОВ!

An illustration of a forest inside of a stylized maroon border. Text at the bottom reads, 'Wolves will try to practice illusion magic whenever you aren't looking and there is nothing you can do to prove this to anyone else.'
A deep green metal tile of a rabbit surrounded by stylized flora.
A transparent image of Dayan, the WachiField cat, wearing an apron and holding out a tray of mouse-shaped buns with a charming smile.


1. Soft, chiming bells.

2. A strong scent of grass, apples, or wild violets.

3. Strange, haunting, or jovial music.

4. Mysterious giggling that comes out of thin air.

5. Mushroom circles.

6. Large patches of four-leaf clovers.

7. You are followed by a crow or a raven.
A brown lace doily border.


Feeling: little matchstick girl-esque
Margot says: "and what i don't like is that if the business is true? that you left your moms in the hood? somebody go smoke that yute you don't leave your moms nowhere you have money and you leave your moms there? yo your SICK TO MY STOMACH fam."

Album of the week
This is one of my favourite albums ever. My favourite song is Pavlov's Bell!.
Aimee Mann's " Lost in Space " (2002)
Doll of the week
by R. John Wright!

I love all of Wright's work, and this mouse is sure to have you thinking twice before walking barefoot into any dark rooms.

A transparent image of an unfolded map.